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COVID COVER: Our travel insurance policy now covers Cancellation as a result of a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 and we also cover Medical Expenses abroad as a result of Covid-19. All other Claims relating to Covid-19 or Government Restrictions on Travel are excluded .
Please  click here for more information on Covid - 19.

Single Trip

Whether you're planning a big annual holiday or a last-minute getaway, our Single Trip Insurance has your back.


Family Single Trip

Keep you and your loved ones safe wherever you choose to holiday with our popular Family Travel Insurance. You'll be glad you did.


Looking for Cheap Travel Insurance?

The best type of adventure is one that makes you feel safe and secure, so why not cover you and your family against any potential accidents with JustCover travel insurance? We offer excellent quality travel insurance at a great affordable price within your budget. We look after you and your loved ones should you suffer an accident.

We provide you with peace of mind so that you can embrace the holiday spirit without worry. We will cover you against any non pre-existing medical expenses (including Covid-19 diagnosis), cancellations and lost belongings or money. Let us take care of the boring details and leave the fun to you. Choose between our customised offers to find the right policy for you.

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Fast response. handy thus far hopefully we won't need to use it!

Date of review September 01, 2023
Friendly helpful gentleman on phone. Completed without much trouble.

Date of review: September 01, 2023



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